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Group Pictures

For years, I specialized in taking photos of sports teams, clubs, groups, and events. Whether there is 5 people or 100, you should never have to settle for a bad picture. At PictureThis Photography, we are patient and skilled to capture the memories of your group. Plus, our team group packages are very affordable and flexible.

Business Portraits

Nothing is more important than the right first impression. Whether you are a sales representative, a member of a team of professionals, the owner of a small business or an officer of a multi-million dollar corporation, the right image is everything. In the era of the World Wide Web, your PR portrait is often the first exposure to you potential clients will have. Competence and integrity are qualities that must be apparent when professionals are portrayed for public relations.

Family Portraits

Your family portrait tells the world how much you value your family. It is a symbol that reminds your children that family always comes first and no matter what the future holds, there is a place they will always belong. It is a gift you give yourself, your children, and generations to come.